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Planet Saving Packaging

Karmaware is your local supplier of 100% compostable eco-packaging for cafés, restaurants, delis, caterers, festivals and any other hospitality business there is. A complete range of planet-friendly food service products are ready to go across Melbourne and beyond.

Special natural base products go through non-toxic production processes. This means that all Karmaware is so sparklingly clean you could eat off it. We have the largest range available all in one place, because green is all we do.

Combining sleek and stylish design with breathable packaging means no condensation will collect and compromise food quality or presentation.


All Karmaware products are 100% certified compostable and biodegradable. They break down much faster than comparable PET oil-based products naturally, or 120 days in an industrial compost facility.


From the morning coffee-rush, through the grab and go lunch to takeaway dinner, we all use disposable packaging. Rather than be part of the problem, every café, restaurant, deli, canteen, function centre, festival or food truck can be part of the solution. There’s no need to feel guilty about needing a drink or a bite on the go, just make the most natural choice.

Karmaware supplies food and hospitality industry clients in and around Melbourne to ensure their customers have a sin-free, fully compostable product that is exactly what your customers want: 100% sustainable, disposable packaging.

Now that’s good karma.


Snappy delivery throughout Melbourne and surrounds. In case of emergency, don't break glass - we'll be there as quickly as we can!


Our online store makes it a breeze to check out our latest range, and fulfil repeat orders with just a click or two of the mouse.


Don't get tricked by dodgy packaging. Our range is the only certified-biodegradable product in Australia.

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